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Welcome to Third Grade! » Stability Balls

Stability Balls
 This year, students in my classroom will have the opportunity to earn a stability ball (yoga ball) to use as a chair.  In order to do so, students need to complete the lessons, participate in activities, and pass a test. It's hard work! Here's what the students learned about:

-Stability Ball History
-Benefits of Sitting on the Ball
-Rules and Care of a Stability Ball

Once students passed the test, they signed a contract agreeing to follow the rules.  Our class rules for the stability balls are:
1.  Keep your bottom on the ball.
2.  Keep your feet on the floor.
3.  Treat the ball as a chair.
4.  Respect the ball.
5.  Keep sharp, dangerous objects away.

If students break a rule, they lose their stability ball for one week.  If the misbehavior happens while a substitute is here, they will lose it for two weeks.  

Mrs. Churchill's Third Grader Class
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